Here’s a little rainbowtastic, late night doodle, pinup fantasy explosion. PD Suzanne with a crapload of brushes, smoke and fire. I haven’t done a black background style in a while, so this was kind of fun.

Funny story:

When I was a kid, my Dad had this Vietnam buddy who ran a black light, velvet painting shop out of the back of his van. One time we jumped in and drove to Vancouver from Seattle for a “spur of the moment” middle of the night “what the hell” trip. They both went off to do some kind of drug deal and get stoned, so they left me in some dingy Chinese restaurant in Vancouver’s International District. Huge tanks full of rotting, stinking fish. Total mafia type joint.

I finally ran out of cash and could only eat so much sweet and sour pork, so I went out to find the van and walked right into a huge firecracker parade, with the full on Dragons and all. I finally found them sitting on a bench by the van. I was pretty pissed, but Dad’s buddy let me pick out a free painting, so at least I came out of it with a really bad ass Black Panther in a frame. The funny things that kids will settle on for consolation… I sure loved that ugly assed poster though.

For some reason this piece makes me think of that night. It would make a bad ass black light poster don’t you think? Preeety Colors…

Rendered in Poser Pro 2012
Post work in Photoshop CS5