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Have you ever wanted to create your own pinup art in the styles influenced by the old masters, such as Vargas, Petty and Elvgren?

If so, then I am excited to present my new new video course called:

How to Make Amazing 3D Pin-Up Art

This is a 4 part, downloadable MP4 video series, where you look over my shoulder as I take you through, step by step, the entire process of how I create one of my pin-ups in 3D and in Photoshop.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Video 1 – Getting Started
    This video discusses all the software and additional items you will need to complete the tutorial and to get started creating your own 3D Pinup Art
  • Video 2 & 3 – Using Poser 
    This video discusses how to create your characters in a 3D  program called Poser Pro 2012. I discuss the characters I use, what lighting and render settings I use to get the final 3d Character.
  • Video 4 – Postwork in Photoshop
    Once the 3D character is rendered and completed, I show you how I take the final image in to Photoshop for post work . This is where all of the vintage magic happens. I go over a ton of tips and tricks, as well as explain how I get my signature vintage “Vargas” look to all of my pinups.
  • Resource Guide
    The resource guide is a pdf that lists all of the various software, items, lighting settings I use, as well as a ton of usefull resources on 3D digital art and Pin-up art.

If you are looking for a no nonsense, comprehensive walk through of how to create vintage 3D pinup art in the style of the old masters, I know you’re going to  LOVE this course.

Buy The Course Now! $29.95


Wow… Where was this tutorial when I was starting out?
I’ve been looking for a tutorial to recommend to a friend just getting into Poser and totally flumoxed by the interface and the ‘now I’m here, what do I do’ part. Sean tackled both of these brilliantly and lead right into some easy lighting tips (THANK YOU!) and render tips. What I found most interesting for me personally was the advice on the facial pose being so vital, which is SO true! I’m definitely recommending this to anyone who is just starting out, but for old dinos like me, the photoshop part of this course was pure magic! Lots of tips I’d never seen or tried before and it just made the images pop.

Sean Earley indeed ROCKS! 😉

– Lady Littlefox

It is an amazing course!! I have watched the whole course and I love it! I Highly recommend it!
I learned a few new tricks and I am very excited about it..thank you!

– Godin

IMPORTANT! Please Read Before Purchasing

This course features subtle 3D nudity. If you are under 18, or have a problem with this type of subject matter, please DO NOT buy this course.

This purchase contains a pdf file that includes a link to a zip file that contains the course. The videos in the course are recorded in MP4 format, so in order to use this course you will need:

– Software that can read a .pdf file
– Software that can unzip a .zip files
– Software that can play an .MP4 video file

Buy The Course Now! $29.95


You are given a non-transferable, “personal use” license to this product. You cannot distribute it or share it with other individuals. Also, there are no resale rights or private label rights granted when purchasing this course or it’s contents. In other words, it is for your own personal use only. Original artwork created by you, as a result of what you learn in this course, is yours to do with as you please. This DOES NOT, however, grant you any rights, whatsoever, to use my personal artwork in any way, shape or form for your personal or business purposes.

This course contains creative advice that, regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by using this course, or following the advice it contains, you will achieve the same results. There are simply too many factors and variables that come into play, seen and unforseen regarding it’s use. Primarily, results will depend on the skill, artistic ability and comprehension of the individual purchaser. By purchasing this course, you assume all risks related to it’s investment, at your own potential expense.

Price: $29.95