“Keyhole Cuties, the Pin-Up Art of Celeste Giuliano” is such a freaking beautiful book! Celeste is a world renowned pin-up photographer and a true master of the art form, taking the girl next door and transforming them into the classic, iconic pin-up beauties of the past.

I’ve been a fan of Celeste’s work for some time now, and her book was on my list of “must have’s” as soon as I learned of it’s release.

As with all books from Schiffer Publishing, this one is super high quality and makes an excellent addition to any pin-up collector’s coffee table. The cover of the book features a thick plastic keyhole transparency and is jam packed with 176 pages of glossy, vintage, pin-up goodness.

Celeste was nice enough to do an interview (read it here) and in the process, answered a few questions about her new book.

This book is absolutely gorgeous. How did it come to be? Were you approached to do it or was it your idea?

Thank you so much! I showed the publisher, Schiffer, my portfolio and they were interested in working with me. We both decided that my first book, Keyhole Cuties should showcase a large collection of my work throughout the years.

How much were you involved in the layout of the book?

I was very lucky as my publisher Schiffer Books allowed myself and my husband, David, who is a designer and illustrator, to send them a sample layout showing how I envisioned the book and cover. Schiffer Publishing is so amazing to work with as they always welcomed my input and opinion on bringing my vision to life!

Does the work in the book span over a certain time period? Is it all newer work or a mix of old and new?

It is a compilation of my work over the past 7-8 years although most of the images from the book are from the past 3-4 years. It also includes a handful of images I photographed exclusively for the book.

How much has having a book helped you in your promotional efforts as a photographer?

Having a book published and available for purchase at major book retailers and online has helped introduce my work to a wider audience.

When can we expect a volume 2?

I am in the midst of working my second book now and I hope to have the new book available in 2015.

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