I wanted to give you a little update on what I have been doing over the last few months, as many have been asking why I haven’t been posting so much lately on the blog.

Recently I have partnered with a digital agency in Germany called INSCALE. My title is Virtual Reality Consultant, and I am in charge of new business, development, marketing and PR building virtual reality and augmented reality applications for major brands. We have also combined our marketing efforts and will be using our resources to promote many of my other publications with a focus on augmented and virtual reality.

Over the last year, I have been diving deep into the AR & VR industry, as I think it offers so much limitless potential for the future of art, digital media and entertainment. We are in the very first stages of some amazing new technology and we want to be there.

To give you a little tast of what we have been doing, the video above is a preview of a little app that we created to showcase some augmented reality development capabilities, in this case, as it would apply to art, publishing, print and of course pin-ups!

The app features an interactive 3D pin-up model, animation, a video player and calls to action to open URL’s email and social media pages. (The pinup was a stock model, not one of my own, although I’ll be adding my own work in there soon) We chose pin-ups as one of the many examples but the features could be implemented for any number of digital content and print capabilitie, apps, books, posters, playing cards, business cards, flyers etc.

If you are interested in learning more about developing augmented reality or virtual reality applications or projects for your business, feel free to get in touch with me via LinkedIn, my email below or directly via the INSCALE website. If you have something digital pinup related that you would like to share on this blog or on my virtual reality industry blog, definitely let me know!