There hasn’t been a lot of free time lately, and I realized after rereading the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, that I really need to start making more time for myself and the things that matter to me. One of these things being my art, and since I realized that I haven’t done a render all year yet, I forced myself to squeeze out a little time to knock out this Memorial Day tribute piece.

I think it came out a little rushed, but as a motivation, I decided to pick up a new character called Onna by Godin, and a new light set called Render Studio. So far, I am pretty impressed, and feel like I am getting my second wind.

Happy Memorial Day everyone and Semper Fi, Dad!

Production Credits:
Rendered in Poser 7
Post work in Photoshop CS5
Lighting – Render Studio by Colm Jackson
Godin – VH Onna for Victoria 4.2
JTrout – Tight Shapers Set for V4
exnem – Exnem’s Flowers Resource Pack
outoftouch – Larissa Hair
outoftouch – TOPMODEL Cosmetics for VH Onna
ironman13 – Late Nights expressions for V4