I kind of liked the expression and pose, as if to say, wow… I really shouldn’t have done that. An alternate title would maybe be “Don’t Step Into the Light, Carol Anne!” I wanted to doodle last night so, I did a really simple, quick render and just started Photoshopping. I am terrible at lighting in DazStudio, so as you can see in the original render, I even forgot to turn off the background transparency, so I had to fix that. If you know of any good Daz lighting tutorials, let me know.

I’ve been really into working with darks, neon colors and shadows lately. I was going for some sort of cyberpunk, synthwave, Outrun-Style ,3D feel, so it started out as all blue, but then I got a little carried away with my new set of Ron’s Sci-Fi Optical Flares and I ended up creating lots of duplicate layers and adding colors.

I don’t own any cool scenery. or environments yet, so I had to make this from scratch. That is also something on my list. I also need more cyborgs, space clothing and cool weapons, so hit me up if you have something cool you want me to promo.

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Basic Render, before Photoshop;

Some new things from the Daz3D store: