Today I had a chance to go see Glam! – The Performance of Style exhibition at the Shirn Museum in Frankfurt Germany. It was a full on trip through the wayback machine to the times of Bowie, T-Rex, the best guitar albums in history and sparkly everything. Definitely a period of time that had a huge, creative impression on me as a kid growing up in the 70’s.

The exhibition featured a ton of glamtastic art & photography, as well as two outfits worn by Brian Eno. There were 3 Warhol pieces which were from his early fashion illustration years in the 50’s, as well as lots of nostalgic magazines and flyers. Oh yeah, and a lot of glitter.

Some of my favorite pieces were 3 pinups from Margaret Harrison. (I managed to snap one picture of her piece “Take One Lemon” before the cranky museum lady made me stop.) Other pieces included Banana Woman and Little Woman at Home.

One highlight of the show (besides the Eno costumes) was a sweet green table sculpture by Allen Jones. The candy apple sparkle finish was a nice touch.

(Image Copyright: Allen Jones Green Table Sculpture, 1972 painted fibre, glass, leather-Accessories 61 x 83,3 x 144,8 cm © Sammlung Hoffmann)

On a side note, we originally went to the museum to see the Street Art Brazil exhibition, however when we arrived, it turned out that the museum was just the host of the exhibition. They just give you a map of the street art and you have to walk around the city to see the show. Lucky for us, Glam! was actually in the museum, so it was a reliving surprise.

Glam! runs until Sept 22, 2013, so if you love 70’s glam rock culture, risqué androgynous photography and are in Frankfurt, I definitely recommend checking it out.