I had this laying around for about a month as just a basic test render, which i originally wasn’t going to use, but I decided to spiff it up a little and finish it anyway. Another one using PDesign’s PD Suzanne Model and Marisandra Hair by AprilYSH. I’m pretty sure I also used the Surreal Marisandra hair textures by surreality on Renderosity.

I’ve been getting into this vintage noir vibe lately, so i’m going to try to shoot for some darker, art decco stuff.

I also have been meeting some really awesome artists this past week. One of them being Orlando Arocena, who does this amazing vector art. I’m really inspired by his stuff.

Production Credits:
Rendered in Poser Pro 2012
Post work in Photoshop
PDesign – PD Suzanne
AprilYSH – Marisandra Hair
Surreality – Surreal Marisandra