When I started doing pin-up work, I wasn’t exactly sure how deep I was going to get into it, so as a result, I created additional Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts for Digital Girlies, which were kept separate from my personal accounts. I now see that doing pin-up art is becoming much more a part of who I am and my work seems to be getting a lot more atention, so I decided to consolidate and just use one centralized set of accounts under my name instead.

So… if you are following me on Twitter or Pinterest, be sure to follow my personal accounts listed below instead. Soon I will be deleting the Digital Girlies accounts and only using the personal ones from here on out.

It keeps thing much more manageable, as well as I think it will help me build a much more solid following under my real name. For the time being, I am going to keep the Digital Girlies Facebook page, so no need to switch there (at least yet)

Follow Me!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seanearleyrocks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalgirlies
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/seanearley/
DeviantArt: http://seanearley.deviantart.com/
Renderosity: http://www.renderosity.com/homepage.php?userid=681825
Google+ : Click Here

Thanks and i’ll see you there!