I rarely do commissions, but an old family friend asked if I could come up with a pin-up to use as the logo for a new venue in Detroit Michigan, so I was glad to help them out by donating my time.

The Process

This project was a little bit different than my normal creative process. I tried a lot of different poses, but the venue was pretty specific about what they wanted. They really liked the feel, pose and outfit from a piece by Vargas, so as a result, this was basically my first attempt at “sort of” a reproduction.

I basically rebuilt the entire thing in Poser and Photoshop, using the pose and the shirt in Vargas’s piece as reference, then changing it slightly, because the Venue wanted a red shirt and dark hair.


Getting the pose and expression took a long time, but once rendered, the painting process went pretty quickly. From beginning to end it took about 2 weeks of messing around. I also spent a lot more time painting the hair and smaller details, which is something I normally don’t spend nearly enough time on as I should, so it was a good practice in patience.

Overall, I am really happy with the results.

Production Credits:

Rendered in Poser Pro 2012
Post work in Photoshop CS5
The model was a mixture of Daz3D Victoria 4, P3D Anita & PDSuzanne character by P3Design & GND Athletic by Blackhearted