Lately I have been feeling the need to explore some different directions. In some part, it’s just because the leaves are turning orange and I get inspired this time of year. In some part, however, I think it also has to do with having a job where you create technology all day. There is some kind of magic which seems lost as a result of it all. Some kind of metaphysical void. I miss the fantasy, mystery and macabre. Technology used to be the things of wizards, witches and mad scientists written in dusty, old, leather bound books, not some data center in Oregon that watches you pee and knows which brand of toilet paper you prefer…

Another reason is that a good friend of mine passed away recently, which also reminded me a bit about ghosts from the past, who I am, as well as some of the things about myself that I seemed to have lost over the years. In a way, it was a little bit of a reminder to get back to who that person was.

So, with that said, don’t be surprised if things get a bit darker around here. And no, don’t worry, I’m not going to stop doing pin-up. It is still an art form that is a big part of me but I really need to change and do some new/old things.

Change is good.

This week I had a little time off due to the birth of my second daughter Frida, so I took a little quality time and played around with Poser after quite a bit of a hiatus. As a result, this new piece popped out. Something dark to get you into the Halloween mood.

It was the first time I used this Fenrir Wolf model from Daz3D and to be honest, it was pretty challenging. I ended up just making a couple renders and chopping things up a lot. The original models seem to render much too hairy in all the wrong places. I also picked up this new Lord of Darkness Armor set from Xurge 3D and it rules! Very solid and detailed. I just recently learned about his store and he makes the coolest stuff! Definitely will be using more.

Production Credits:
Lord of Darkness Armor by Xurge 3D (Awesome stuff, btw!)
Fenrir Wolf by Daz 3D
Dominus M4 by shaft 73
Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
Post work in Photoshop CC