I guess i’m a little bit all over the place these days… This was my first attempt using Sculptris and I used it to make this crazy demon throne thing. I’ve also been dying to do a Vampirella theme so, since it is starting to smell a little like Halloween outside, I guess it was time, so I munged all of this together.

The inspiration for this one came from another Vampirella cover by Paul Renaud

Sculptris is awesome! It’s a full on organic modeling Cthulhu making machine, and i’ll probably crank out a few more twisted pieces before I get tired of it. It definitely makes me want to get Zbrush, so I think I’ll have to ask Santa.

This again features the lovely P3D Margaret from P3 Design, Alanis Hair by Fabiana and this helmet set by Poisen. Everything else is painted.

Throne sculpted in Sculptris
Rendered in Poser Pro 2012
A crapload of phostwork in Photoshop CS5