Here’s a little something I call “The Truce”. I always wanted to do a dragon, so I splurged and got the Millennium Dragon pack from Daz. I thought this one turned out really nice. Great textures and very versatile. Also somebody requested I do an elf some day, so here she is.

I am a little bummed at the Daz purchase however, because apparently older Vise installers don’t work with OSX Lion, so a big chunk of my dragon pack is useless… I’m going to try to write them and see if they have just the runtime available.


Cool news! I made this image available as a poster on my Zazzle store and I just found out that it was chosen as one of their “Today’s Best” for Thursday, September 06. Yay me! I even got this cool ribbon “sticker” to show off my bad ass-ness. Sweet!

Production Credits:

Rendered in Poser Pro 2012
Post work in Photoshop CS5
GND4 with the PD Suzanne texture
Adhafera Hair by Propschick
Tevireth with the Battle Sister texture pack from Daz
Millennium Dragon from Daz.