A little something i’m working on. The render is taking forever on this new PD Suzanne model, so I think I might need to tweak some things. 2 days for a render is way to long to let my computer burn.

I’m leaning towards going much more minimalist on the accessories in favor of just nude renders, maybe even with no hair. I think just getting the basic pose and expression rendered, then painting the rest in Photoshop is the way to go. I got inspired by another Poser artist named Kassidi Keys that I found on deviantArt, who follows the same type of process. I need to learn how to paint hair, because i’m just not satisfied with the models out there. Too many subtleties that I’m not finding.

The only problem with these hi detail models is that doing nude renders seems to take much longer than clothed. I’m even starting to consider the thought of getting a second workstation (dare I say a cheap PC with a crapload of ram) just for renders. Hmm… i’m such a mac guy, I shudder at the thought.

All these holiday sales on Renderosity are making it mighty tempting to pick up a few things. Must… stay.. in… control.


On another note, I was at the drug store today so I decided to make some print outs of my stuff just for kicks. I had yet to do that yet. Something about seeing your work in physical form is kind of cool.